Russian tank commander takes out FIVE of his own men in blundering video

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.23 - 2023 9:54 AM CET


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In a dramatic incident caught on video, a Russian tank commander's misjudgment led to a chaotic scene where his tank swerved uncontrollably and collided with fellow soldiers.

The eight-month-old footage, which has resurfaced and gone viral once again, displays a startling moment of friendly fire amidst the ongoing conflict.

The video shows the tank veering off course and hitting another vehicle, upon which at least six Russian soldiers were positioned. The force of the collision knocked these soldiers off their tank, leading to a moment of panic and confusion.

Despite the severity of the impact, the soldiers involved in the accident displayed remarkable resilience.

Footage captured them quickly recovering and running to safety, highlighting their training and composure under pressure. One soldier, however, was notably affected, as he remained on the ground for an extended period before managing to stagger away.

This incident, shared on Twitter by Ukraine's Ministry of Defence, has garnered significant attention. The Ministry used the opportunity to mock the Russian military's error, emphasizing the embarrassing nature of the blunder for their adversaries.

The incident raises questions about the training and readiness of Russian forces, as well as the challenges they face in high-pressure combat situations.

Watch the Russian tank commander as he takes out 5 of his own men, right here:

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