Russian TV Calls Trump Supports for 'Rednecks' and 'Primitive People'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.17 - 2024 5:29 PM CET

Photo: X / Aspects and Angles /
Photo: X / Aspects and Angles /
Russian TV Calls Trump Supporters 'Rednecks' and 'Primitive People.

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It's been only a few days since Russia's President Vladimir Putin publicly stated his preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, describing the former as more 'predictable'.

On Russian state TV, Trump suffers another defeat - or rather, his supporters do - as the Russians sharply criticize Americans who vote for Trump.

A post shared by the Editor-in-Chief of MeidasTouch, Ron Filipkowski, features a 52-second clip from the Russian program 'Meeting Point' on the state-owned NTV.

In this clip, journalist and Russian political commentator Maxim Yusim manages to insult Trump's voters in several derogatory ways.

'Primitive people,' 'clichés, and dumb slogans' are just some of the remarks Maxim Yusim makes in those 52 seconds.

This leads to great laughter among the audience and the panel guests, who also do not hold back with derogatory words about Trump's voters. 'Rednecks,' for instance, is one term used, which again causes people to laugh.

However, it's not just Trump's voters who are harshly criticized. The former president himself is subjected to unpleasant remarks. Among other things, it's mentioned that he can do nothing but repeat the same 10 words, and they mock him for running for president again.

You can watch the full clip below:

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