Russian women go against Putin: Want soldiers home now!

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.27 - 2023 5:31 PM CET


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In a significant development, relatives of Russian reservists have publicly demanded full demobilization, expressing their discontent and frustration through a manifesto and petition.

The call for action was published on the Telegram channel of the demobilization pressure group, The Way Home.

The manifesto sharply criticizes the Russian state for its handling of the reservists and their families.

It highlights the broken promises made by President Vladimir Putin, who had initially assured that no reservists would be mobilized, only to later send them to Ukraine.

The relatives are calling for the return of all conscripts and demand an end to the mobilization efforts in Russia.

The families are adamant in their stance, stating that they will not back down until their loved ones are safely returned home. They describe the current situation as "absurd" and directly criticize Putin, urging him to listen to their pleas.

The manifesto also makes a poignant observation about the irony in Putin declaring 2024 as the year of the family, while families are torn apart due to the ongoing conflict.

They highlight the emotional toll on wives, children, and families, exacerbated by what they perceive as insensitive actions by the government, including the demobilization of a convicted serial killer.

Their attempt to stage a protest in Moscow on 25 November was rejected by the mayor's office, and there have been reports of threats against individuals involved in the demobilization movement.

This public call by the families reflects a growing sentiment of dissatisfaction and disillusionment among the Russian population regarding the war and the treatment of reservists.

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