SBU Thwarts Four Planned Terrorist Attacks in Kyiv's Hypermarkets and Cafes

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.13 - 2024 2:09 PM CET

Photo: Ukraine Gov.
Photo: Ukraine Gov.
Ukrainian intelligence intercepts plans for deadly attacks in Kyiv's hypermarkets and cafes.

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The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) revealed today, May 13, that four major terror plots, orchestrated by Russian agents, were foiled in the bustling city of Kyiv.

According to 24TV, these planned attacks targeted popular hypermarkets and a well-known café, places often frequented by innocent civilians seeking daily conveniences and leisure.

Tea Packaging

Unsuspecting shoppers and café-goers were nearly the victims of a sinister plan that involved explosives cleverly hidden in tea packages.

Designed to detonate during the peak shopping hours to maximize impact, these homemade explosive devices represented a chilling escalation in the tactics used by aggressors aiming to sow terror.

The placement of explosives amid highly flammable materials in the hypermarkets was intended not just to cause immediate explosions but also to provoke fires that could be difficult to control, multiplying the potential for harm.

Photo: Ukraine Gov.

A Café and a Car: Another Strike Averted

Another plot involved a parked car rigged with explosives near a bustling café in Kyiv.

The SBU identified a GRU (Russian military intelligence) operative, Yuriy Sizov, as the mastermind behind these thwarted attacks.

Sizov, associated with military unit №92154, has been under surveillance for some time. His actions in Ukraine, including previous attempts at sabotage, have been meticulously documented by Ukrainian intelligence.

Remarkably, Sizov was so hands-on with his plans that he even produced a video tutorial on placing an explosive device, which was intended for other agents to replicate in similar scenarios across different locations.

Photo: Ukraine Gov.

The Response of Ukrainian Security

Vasyl Malyuk, head of the SBU, emphasized that each of the enemy’s moves had been documented, promising that those seeking to harm Ukraine or work on behalf of Russian interests would face severe consequences.

Further investigations revealed that Sizov was also planning operations in other parts of Ukraine, including a foiled attempt in Lviv earlier in February 2024.

His broader agenda appears to be one of sustained destabilization, intended to demoralize the Ukrainian populace and signify the presence of a Russian underground in the capital.

The above information has currently been confirmed only by the Ukrainian security services.

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