Series of Explosions Rock Lugansk

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.07 - 2024 2:19 PM CET

Photo: The administration of Lysychansk
Photo: The administration of Lysychansk

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A series of explosions erupted in Lugansk on June 7, leading to a fire and prompting immediate action from rescuers and medical personnel.

The blasts, which occurred between 11:03 and 11:10, were reported by a TASS correspondent.

The explosions were followed by a fire visible from multiple parts of the city. Emergency services swiftly responded to the scene to manage the fire and address any casualties.

Air Defense Activity

Later reports clarified that Lugansk's air defense systems were actively engaged during the incident.

Seven explosions were recorded, and missile trails were visible in the sky.

Rodion Miroshnik, Ambassador at Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated on his Telegram channel that preliminary data indicated all flying objects were intercepted and shot down by the air defense systems.

"The air defense system is now intensively working over Lugansk. There was a cannonade over the city for 5-7 minutes. According to preliminary data, all flying objects were shot down," Miroshnik wrote.

Following the interception, there were concerns about the debris causing further consequences in the city. Authorities have initiated door-to-door checks in the affected areas to assess and address any potential damage or injuries.

Additionally, there were reported interruptions in mobile communications in Lugansk following the explosions.

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