Setback for Putin's Navy: $65 Million Patrol Ship Lost to Ukrainian Drone Attack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.05 - 2024 12:27 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
$65 Million Patrol Ship Lost to Ukrainian Drone Attack.

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The Russian patrol ship Sergey Kotov was sunk following a sophisticated drone attack, signifying a significant operational setback and highlighting the intensifying maritime confrontations in the region.

The assault, executed with precision by Ukrainian intelligence operatives using Magura V5 maritime drones, took place in the strategically sensitive waters near the Kerch Strait, within Ukraine's territorial claims.

The Ukrainian Defense Intelligence's spokesperson, Andriy Yusov, conveyed to Radio Liberty the unfortunate aftermath for the crew of the Sergey Kotov, reporting casualties without specifying numbers. Yusov pointed out the urgent response to the incident, evidenced by the dispatch of more than ten ambulances to the scene, indicating a sizable evacuation and rescue operation was swiftly put into motion.

This event marks not the Sergey Kotov's first encounter with adversity; the ship had previously endured attacks and had undergone repairs.

Plans were afoot to bolster its capabilities with the addition of anti-aircraft missile systems, a move that would have significantly enhanced its operational scope. Yusov underscored the broader strategic implications of such losses, noting that diminishing the Russian fleet's anti-aircraft capacities directly benefits Ukrainian defense efforts by limiting their adversaries' aerial denial capabilities.

Furthermore, the Sergey Kotov's history of aggression, notably its role alongside the cruiser Moskva in the assault on Snake Island, adds a layer of significance to its destruction.

This operation was not a result of happenstance but the culmination of deliberate and calculated planning, as evidenced by the direct hits that sealed the ship's fate. Yusov's remarks reflect a determined stance against aggressors and a commitment to reclaiming territorial integrity.

The destruction of the Sergey Kotov is emblematic of the ongoing challenges faced by the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which has seen substantial losses since the onset of the conflict.

With only a fraction of its large landing ships remaining operational, the fleet's diminished capacity underscores the effectiveness of Ukrainian naval strategy and the relentless pursuit of securing their maritime domain.

The Sergey Kotov's sinking, with its estimated value of $65 million, punctuates the ongoing narrative of resilience and resistance, as Ukraine continues to defend its sovereignty against invasive forces.

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