Sheriff reveals: 'Heartbreaking' moment as Trump had his mugshot taken

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.13 - 2023 9:01 AM CET

Photo: Fulton County Sheriff's office
Photo: Fulton County Sheriff's office
The Fulton County Sheriff, Georgia, recently shared his personal sentiments regarding the time when former U.S. President Donald Trump had his mugshot taken in the county's jail.

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He described the event as deeply moving. Sheriff Pat Labat expressed that witnessing someone of Trump's prominence, who once represented the nation, undergo such a procedure was truly "heartbreaking."

As reported by The Independent, Trump's booking in Fulton County came about last month following his indictment in a case centered on racketeering. The charges revolved around his purported efforts to manipulate the results of the 2020 presidential election by urging state officials to "discover" additional votes in his favor.

During the process, Trump maintained a composed demeanor, remaining largely silent. Sheriff Labat, who oversees the jail, characterized Trump's attitude as "very stoic."

The procedures for his mugshot and fingerprinting were expedited, with his bond paperwork swiftly handed over to his motorcade. This ensured Trump's rapid exit from the premises. The sheriff highlighted the unusual calm that pervaded the jail during Trump's presence, attributing it to heightened security measures.

He remarked, “Having been in law enforcement for 32 years, having been in a jail environment equally as long, it was eerily quiet when you have that many security protocols in place.”

However, Trump's reaction to the release of his mugshot was notably different from the sheriff's somber take. Almost instantly after the image became public, Trump uploaded it to his Truth Social and X/Twitter profiles. The shared image directed viewers to Trump's campaign site, which greeted them with a donation prompt.

The utilization of the mugshot by Trump didn't stop at mere sharing. His campaign promptly started retailing merchandise adorned with the image. Items such as t-shirts and mugs featuring the mugshot were put up for sale. Donald Trump Jr., his son, even promoted these products on X/Twitter, assuring potential customers that all earnings would be channeled towards his father's legal defense.

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