Shocking Boris Johnson messages revealed: 'Covid-19' is "nature’s way of dealing with old people"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.31 - 2023 7:56 PM CET

Shocking Boris Johnson messages revealed.

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During a recent COVID hearing, WhatsApp messages from former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson were unveiled, revealing controversial opinions and a chaotic government at the height of the pandemic.

The messages were between Johnson and his former closest aides, Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain.

Johnson's View on the Pandemic

According to, One of the most shocking revelations was Johnson's belief that the pandemic was "Nature's way of dealing with old people."

This statement was made as he resisted implementing lockdowns.

The messages also showed Johnson questioning the existence of "long COVID," describing it as "complete Gulf War Syndrome stuff."

The leaked messages also revealed a dysfunctional government, with Johnson's erratic decision-making described as "rather exhausting" by Cain.

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case expressed his frustration, stating that Johnson "cannot lead and we cannot support him in leading with this approach."

Case also mentioned that Johnson's strategic direction changes every day, making it impossible for the team to deliver anything.

You can see some of the messages below. If the embed doesn't display, you can follow the link to view the messages.