Shocking numbers for Putin: New data on Russian casualties in Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.23 - 2023 7:56 AM CET

New data on Russian casualties in Ukraine.

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New figures have emerged on the number of Russian soldiers killed, revealing shocking levels for Putin's regime.

According to British intelligence, the numbers of those in Russia's army who have lost their lives or been injured in Putin's illegal war against neighboring Ukraine have been updated.

Death furnaces

The figures point to extremely high levels, indicating significant losses and setbacks for the Russian dictatorship.

"Russia has likely suffered up to 480,000 soldiers who have been killed or injured in the war," the intelligence service reports.

Putin's army has subjected not only its soldiers but also their surviving relatives to terrible treatment and suffering.

Witnesses have reported that fallen soldiers are not sent home to their families, thereby depriving them of the opportunity for a decent burial. Instead, many bodies are burned in special "death furnaces" located on the battlefield.

Forced back to battle

The 480,000 victims are divided into two categories:

  • Up to 190,000 who have been killed or permanently injured.

  • And up to 290,000 soldiers described as temporarily injured, reports Insider.

The Russian regime is forcing many injured soldiers to return to the battlefield against their will.

"It's desperate attempts to renew the army," says the report.

The actual numbers are even worse

The actual Russian death and injury figures are, however, much higher. The reason is that neither Wagner mercenaries nor all Russian prisoners released from prisons to kill Ukrainians on the battlefield are included in the calculations compiled by British intelligence.

90% Increase

Moreover, the situation for the Russian dictatorship's army has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks.

"The fighting in Avdiivka, a location in southeastern Ukraine, has led to a 90% increase in Russian soldiers killed or injured," the report states.

At the same time, the Russians have lost large amounts of combat material but have only conquered marginal territories.

Ukraine's Side

On its side, Ukraine has lost 70,000 soldiers who have been killed and up to 120,000 who have been injured.

"A shocking proportion of Ukraine's soldiers have been forced to amputate body parts, largely due to Russia's use of mines and artillery," reports Insider.

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