Shocking revelation: What is an 'Austrian Soldier' doing in Ukraine? Austria cannot answer

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.08 - 2023 9:10 AM CET

Photo: Jumpstory
Photo: Jumpstory
Recent photographs have stirred up significant debate. These images showcase a soldier wearing the Austrian military's "Field Suit 75", actively handling ammunition in Ukraine.

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Such visuals prompted the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) to question the possible participation of Austrian troops in the ongoing conflict. Yet, the answer they got was anything but clear. This is reported by the website

The implications of these images are massive. If an Austrian soldier or militia fighter, dressed in the unique "Field Suit 75", was found participating in direct combat against the powerful Russian forces, it would plunge Austria into a deep neutrality crisis.

Earlier in June, a video emerged, clearly showing a soldier, presumably part of the Ukrainian military, dressed in the Austrian "Feldkleid 75". The Austrian national emblem, prominently displayed on the jacket's left sleeve, is unmistakable.

Photo: Reddit

The footage, shared by eXXpress, features an older, bearded soldier in military gear. This led to the FPÖ's immediate response, stemming from concerns about potential neutrality breaches.

As a result, they approached Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner, a leading figure in the ÖVP (Austrian People’s Party). The primary focus of their inquiry was to gain clarity about the individual in the Austrian uniform seen assisting the Ukrainian army.

However, the response from the minister was vague. The reply hinted that the attire might be the "Field Suit 75" from the Federal Army. Yet, the uniform jacket in the image was deemed "unidentifiable", and the person wearing it remains "unknown".

Richard Schmitt, in his eXXpress article, mentioned that the chances of a Ukrainian soldier casually adding the Austrian federal eagle to his uniform are quite slim.

In response to the Freedom Party's questions, the ministry avoided giving detailed answers, citing Article 20 of the Federal Constitution related to official confidentiality. However, it was revealed that currently, only two members of the Austrian Armed Forces are stationed in Ukraine: the defense attaché and a non-commissioned officer.