Shocking turnaround: Argentina's new President Milei reveals radical economic overhaul plan

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.11 - 2023 2:39 PM CET


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In a sobering inaugural address, Argentina's newly elected President Javier Milei prepared the nation for significant economic reforms and public spending cuts.

Speaking to thousands in Buenos Aires, Milei outlined the dire state of the nation's economy, emphasizing the need for immediate and decisive action.

Milei painted a grim picture of Argentina's economic situation, marked by a staggering 143% annual inflation rate and a crippling fiscal deficit. He highlighted the urgent need to address the trade deficit, which stands at $43 billion, and the looming $45 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund.

Milei, known for his blunt and forthright style, stated, “There’s no money,” underlining why a gradualist approach is not feasible for Argentina.

He assured that the necessary adjustments would primarily affect the state sector, sparing the private sector from the brunt of the reforms.

The Rise of an Outsider

Milei's ascent from a television personality to the presidency, branded as an “anarcho-capitalist,” reflects Argentina's desire for a radical change in tackling economic woes. His victory in the November elections signaled a shift away from traditional political forces, setting the stage for a new economic paradigm.

Acknowledging that the economic situation might initially worsen, Milei remained optimistic about the future. He promised that the reforms would lay the groundwork for sustainable growth, eventually leading to economic recovery.

Milei's address was met with a mix of attentiveness and occasional cheers from the crowd. Supporters, bearing Argentine and libertarian flags, expressed hope for Milei's potential to transform the nation's fortunes.

Milei's Governance: A Balancing Act

As president, Milei faces the challenge of fulfilling his campaign promises while navigating the realities of governance. His initial moves, including the appointment of key ministers and backtracking on some radical proposals, indicate a potential moderation in his approach.

Milei's plan to streamline the government involves the elimination of several ministries and the merging of others. This radical restructuring highlights his commitment to dismantling the state apparatus as part of his economic reform agenda.

Milei's inauguration attracted international far-right figures, including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Notably, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also attended, marking his first visit to Latin America amid ongoing efforts to garner support against Russia's invasion.

Javier Milei's presidency begins amidst high expectations and immense challenges. His stark inaugural address sets the tone for a presidency committed to drastic economic reforms, signaling a new era in Argentine politics and economic management.

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