Shooting Threat Puts School on High Alert During Final Exams

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.14 - 2024 11:29 AM CET

A shooting threat at Wiener Neustadt's Commercial Academy has led to heightened security.

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In Wiener Neustadt, Austria, a troubling shooting threat at the Commercial Academy (HAK) has caused considerable anxiety among students and staff.

The threat was discovered scrawled in a school restroom and explicitly targets next Tuesday, the day scheduled for final exams, as reported by Kronen Zeitung.

Upon discovering the threat, police acted swiftly, formulating a detailed security strategy for the day of the exams.

As a precaution, the school has mandated homeschooling for students not involved in the exams, and access to the school premises has been tightly controlled to avert any potential copycat incidents and ensure everyone's safety.

This incident is part of a disturbing trend in Austria, echoing recent threats at the federal school center in Tulln, which led to the implementation of enhanced security measures and strict access controls.

Such incidents present major challenges for school communities and necessitate intensive cooperation between the education directorate, police, and school administration.

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