Six horses fell through the ice on a frozen lake: Only two survived the tragic fate

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.29 - 2023 1:46 PM CET

Six horses fell through the ice on a frozen lake.

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Most people are well aware of the dangers of venturing onto a frozen lake, understanding the risks of falling through thin ice. However, conveying this danger to animals is a far more challenging task.

Unfortunately, animals often find themselves in perilous situations due to their inability to recognize these hazards.

In a tragic incident in the Chelyabinsk region, several horses fell through the ice into a water hole on a lake. The event, reported on November 29 by the Ozersky City District on their VKontakte page according to Fontanka, highlights the dangers that frozen bodies of water pose to wildlife.

Six horses found themselves trapped in a water hole on Lake Kozhakul near the Metlino settlement. Responding to the emergency, rescuers from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) were dispatched to the scene. Armed with chainsaws, crowbars, and axes, they carved a path over 150 meters long to lead the animals to safety.


By the time the rescue operation commenced, three of the horses had already succumbed to the cold, unable to survive the freezing temperatures. A fourth horse, despite the efforts of the rescuers, could not withstand the prolonged exposure to the icy waters and perished during transportation.

Two horses survived the tragic fate, serving as a crucial reminder of the importance of being extremely cautious and vigilant when venturing onto a frozen lake.

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