Slovak PM's Controversial Claims on Kyiv's State Amidst Russian Assault

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.23 - 2024 7:40 PM CET

Slovak PM's Controversial Claims on Kyiv's State Amidst Russian Assault.

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In a statement that has sparked controversy, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico claimed that Kyiv is leading an "absolutely normal life," despite recent massive missile attacks by Russia.

This statement was made ahead of his visit to Uzhhorod and was reported by the Slovak news portal

During a press conference in the village of Kamenica nad Cirochou in eastern Slovakia, Fico was questioned about his decision to meet with the Ukrainian Prime Minister in Uzhhorod instead of Kyiv. In response to a journalist's suggestion that visiting Kyiv would allow him to witness the war's impact first-hand, Fico expressed disbelief at the presence of war in Kyiv, stating, "There is a perfectly normal life."

Fico further justified his choice of meeting location by saying, "Why would I go to Kyiv when I can meet the prime minister in Uzhhorod, I don't see any difference."

The press conference took an abrupt turn when another journalist referred to Fico's earlier suggestion that Ukraine might have to cede territory to Russia.

The journalist asked which part of Slovakia Fico would concede to Russia. Fico dismissed the question and ended the conference abruptly, stating his unwillingness to engage with media co-owned by George Soros.

It's notable that Fico's remarks about Kyiv's purported normalcy coincided with the same day Russia launched another missile attack on Ukraine, causing significant damage in the capital. The attack resulted in 22 injuries, including one person critically wounded and in intensive care.

Prior to his meeting with the Ukrainian Prime Minister on January 24, Fico had already been in the spotlight for a series of controversial comments regarding Ukraine.

He has openly stated his opposition to Ukraine's NATO membership and his stance on a "territorial compromise" was criticized by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. His recent remarks have added to the string of contentious statements, drawing attention to his views on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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