Sources: Desperate Putin offers 1million rubles for anyone willing to join

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.18 - 2023 10:24 AM CET

Desperate Putin offers 1million rubles for anyone willing to join.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has resorted to offering substantial financial incentives to encourage new recruits to join the army amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

According to UK intelligence sources, the war has resulted in over 300,000 Russian soldier casualties since its inception in February 2022. As the battlefront extends over a vast 600-mile area, with Ukrainian forces successfully pushing back Russian troops to the east, Putin's administration is desperately trying to reinforce its military strength.

To attract new soldiers, the Russian government is offering one million rubles (approximately £8,000) to individuals willing to enlist in the army.

This move is seen as an attempt to revitalize Putin's war efforts, which have seemingly stalled. British intelligence also reports a significant number of Russian soldiers deserting, with some even fleeing the country.

The UK's Armed Forces Minister, James Heappey, provided further insights into the conflict's toll on Russian military assets. He stated that over 7,117 Russian armored vehicles, including nearly 2,475 main battle tanks, 93 fixed-wing aircraft, 132 helicopters, 320 unmanned aerial vehicles, 16 naval vessels of all classes, and over 1,300 artillery systems, have been destroyed since the conflict began.

This situation underscores the dire circumstances faced by the Russian military and the lengths to which Putin's government is going to sustain its war efforts in Ukraine.

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