Stephen Colbert's unforgettable take on Jim Jordan's failed speaker bid

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.24 - 2023 11:20 AM CET


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Late-night comedy and political commentary collided in spectacular fashion on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert, as the host delivered a powerful and humorous monologue centered around Ohio Republican Jim Jordan’s recent failed bid to become Speaker of the House.

The monologue has since captured the attention of audiences and media outlets alike, as Colbert held nothing back, providing a scathing yet humorous critique of the situation.

Historic Smackdown:

Returning to his show after a battle with COVID-19, Colbert was in fine form, immediately diving into the political turmoil of the past week.

His focus was on Jim Jordan, the Ohio Republican whose hopes to become Speaker of the House were dashed after losing three crucial votes on the House floor.

Colbert referred to this as a "historic humiliation," even going as far as dubbing Jordan "speaker of the nothing." Colbert didn’t stop at highlighting Jordan’s failed bid; he took it a step further by poking fun at the would-be job title and the circumstances surrounding the loss.

He highlighted the role of GOP moderates in tanking Jordan’s candidacy, sarcastically noting that one of Jordan’s allies had declared "moderates always cave" just days before.

The "Encanto" Reference

Never one to shy away from pushing boundaries, Colbert then referenced a dark chapter in Jordan’s past, his time as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

Jordan has been accused of ignoring sexual abuse claims against the team’s doctor during that period. Colbert subtly brought this up by saying Jordan probably prefers the song “We Don’t Talk About What Happened at Ohio State,” a play on the popular song from the Disney movie "Encanto."

He encouraged viewers to “Google it” for context, ensuring that the serious allegations were not overlooked amid the comedic monologue.

Colbert also touched upon the aftermath of Jordan’s withdrawal, describing the situation as a "Republican free-for-all" with nine GOP lawmakers throwing their hats into the ring for the Speaker position.

Given the evident divisions within the party, Colbert humorously questioned whether any of the candidates would be able to secure the necessary 217 votes.

See Stephen Colbert's historic smackdown monologue below:

The Mock Movie Trailer

To add a cherry on top, Colbert’s team created a mock movie trailer, turning the political drama into a cinematic spectacle, further emphasizing the absurdity and significance of the moment.

Stephen Colbert’s monologue on "The Late Show" was more than just a comedic skit; it was a pointed and impactful commentary on the current state of politics. By blending humor with hard-hitting facts and historical context, Colbert managed to create a memorable television moment that has resonated with viewers, prompting discussions and debates long after the show ended.

As the race for Speaker of the House continues to unfold, Colbert’s “historic smackdown” of Jim Jordan will undoubtedly remain a highlight of political commentary in 2023.

See the hilarious mock movie trailer below:

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