Stop sharing this text on Facebook now

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.17 - 2023 2:02 PM CET

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Stop sharing this text on Facebook now.

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Recently, following Meta's announcement of introducing payment options on Instagram and Facebook, the latter has seen a surge in posts from private individuals sharing a lengthy 'chain message'.

According to the message, copying and pasting this text onto one's profile would supposedly prevent Facebook from charging fees and allegedly ensure the user retains rights to their own images.

However, this message is not true, and unfortunately, many believe it to be so. It is our duty to inform that if you come across a post like the one described below, you should not be misled. Facebook will not suddenly start charging you out of the blue, nor will it begin using your images without permission.

Below is a screenshot from Facebook showing one of the many posts currently circulating on the social media platform. There are similar posts with different texts, but they are also entirely fabricated.

See the image below


On the other hand, it is accurate that Facebook has launched a payment solution, offering users the option to purchase an ad-free experience on Facebook/Instagram. However, this has no connection to the misleading chain messages.

There is no immediate danger in copying and sharing the mentioned content, other than potentially appearing foolish in the eyes of your friends. Users are advised to stay informed and critical of such claims, especially those related to payment and rights over personal content on social media platforms.

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