Stormy Daniels Weighs In After Trump Verdict: Calls for Prison and Community Service

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.02 - 2024 11:37 AM CET

Photo: a katz /
Photo: a katz /
Stormy Daniels calls for Trump to face prison and community service following his historic conviction.

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Adult film star Stormy Daniels believes Donald Trump, recently convicted of falsifying business records to conceal a payment to her, should face prison time and community service.

In her first comments since the verdict, Daniels told the Sunday Mirror that Trump should "work for the less fortunate or serve as a punching bag at a women's shelter."

Seeking Justice and Warning the Public

Daniels, 45, expressed a sense of justice served but remains wary of Trump's future political ambitions.

"He's completely detached from reality," she warned.

Her caution comes amidst ongoing threats from Trump supporters, a burden she anticipates will continue indefinitely despite the trial's outcome.

Reflecting on her courtroom experience, Daniels shared the emotional toll of the trial.

"You always feel like the villain, even when you're not. It was intimidating with the jury staring at you, but I'm glad the truth came out," she said. Despite Trump's guilt, she acknowledges the personal cost, saying, "I still have to live with all of this."

Daniels expressed surprise at how quickly the jury found Trump guilty on all 34 counts.

Their swift decision, she believes, signifies their belief in her testimony. When discussing potential sentencing, Daniels emphasized the need for a punishment that would truly impact Trump, drawing a comparison to disciplining a child.

"You have to find a punishment that fits the crime and affects the person. Who knows what that is with Trump," she remarked.

The New York jury convicted Trump for concealing a payment to Daniels just before the 2016 election, aiming to silence her about an alleged 2006 affair. This landmark decision marks Trump as the first U.S. president ever criminally convicted.

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