Strong words by Erdogan: Turkey will take action

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.16 - 2023 12:09 PM CET

Turkey will take action.

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Recep Erdogan, the President of Turkey, made a bold statement, unequivocally labeling Israel as a "terrorist state."

This strong declaration was directed at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during Erdogan's recent address.

According to Times of Israel, on Wednesday, Erdogan took a definitive position on the Middle Eastern conflict, directly appealing to Netanyahu.

He warned the Israeli Prime Minister of his impending downfall, stating, "Your downfall is imminent, irrespective of whether you possess nuclear weapons."

His remarks were met with applause from AKP parliament members. Erdogan dismissed Netanyahu's threats of nuclear involvement, asserting that his reign was nearing its end.

Erdogan criticized Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip, predicting that continued atrocities would lead to its universal recognition as a terrorist state.

Turkey will take action

He accused Israel of adopting a strategy aimed at annihilating cities and their inhabitants.

In his speech, Erdogan expressed his support for Hamas, describing them as resistance fighters committed to protecting their homeland, despite potential harm to others.

He emphasized Turkey's intention to take measures against those responsible for the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, including bringing them to the international court.

Previously, Erdogan had escalated his rhetoric against Israel, retracting his initial offer to mediate between Israel and Hamas.

He declared he would cease dialogue with the Israeli Prime Minister. In earlier statements on the Gaza conflict, Erdogan blamed the West for instigating a disaster in the Palestinian semi-enclave. He portrayed Israel as an invading force in Palestinian land and Hamas as a group of "freedom fighters."

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