Surprising comments from Putin: Praises the West

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.19 - 2023 12:04 PM CET

Surprising comments from Putin.

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In a recent development, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed a positive outlook on the West's stance towards the Ukraine conflict.

Following a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Putin noted a less aggressive posture from Western politicians.

According to, he welcomed this shift, emphasizing the need for dialogue to resolve the conflict. However, he also stated that Ukraine must lift its ban on negotiations with Moscow for any progress to be made.

Putin's comments come amid ongoing military actions by Russia in Ukraine, despite calls for the withdrawal of invasion troops that have been in the country since 2014.

Putin's change of tone

Interestingly, Putin's recent statements mark a departure from his usual rhetoric. He has often been critical of the West's involvement in Ukraine, but this time he seems to be acknowledging a change in the Western stance.

According to Putin, he has observed a reluctance among Western politicians to demand a strategic defeat for Russia in the ongoing conflict. This, he believes, is a positive development that could pave the way for constructive dialogue.

The ukrainian perspective

While Putin praises the West, the Ukrainian government continues to demand the withdrawal of Russian troops that have invaded and occupied parts of the country since 2014.

Despite these demands, Russia has not ceased its military actions aimed at capturing more Ukrainian territory.