Surprising Revelation: Putin Shares His Most Cherished Childhood Memory

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.06 - 2023 8:05 AM CET

Putin Shares His Most Cherished Childhood Memory.

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In a surprising revelation, Russian President Vladimir Putin shared a poignant childhood memory that has surprised many. During a public meeting with the youth group "Movement of the First" in Pyatigorsk, Putin recounted an incident from his early years involving his mother.

Putin described how, as a child, he was placed in a corner by his mother as a form of discipline. The specifics of his misbehavior remain unclear, but the story took an unexpected turn. After a period of stern observation, his mother asked if he was ready to apologize.

According to Ura News, the tale, as Putin chose to narrate it, ended with his mother forgiving him and expressing her affection through a kiss, releasing him from the corner.

"It's an intimate thing. Mom put me in a corner. And over time she asked if I would ask for forgiveness. <…> She started kissing me, pulled me out of this corner and that’s where the whole story ended. But how she did it is a separate conversation" Putin stated.

This narrative, lacking in detailed context, has sparked curiosity and a bit of bewilderment among listeners and analysts. The Russian president, known for his guarded and often enigmatic public persona, offered this memory in response to a question about his kindest childhood memory. The simplicity and intimacy of the story contrast sharply with Putin's usual public image.

The incident reportedly occurred when Putin was around 3 or 4 years old, as per a report from Russian state media agency TASS. However, the lack of detail in Putin's account has led some observers to speculate about the underlying meanings or implications of this memory. The story's unusual nature has even prompted suggestions that it might benefit from psychological interpretation.

Putin's childhood, spent in the challenging environment of Soviet-era Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), was marked by hardships. He has previously described growing up in a small, rat-infested apartment, a stark contrast to his current position as Russia's long-standing leader.