Suspected Gunshots Near Israeli Embassy in Stockholm

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.17 - 2024 8:55 AM CET

Suspected gunshots near the Israeli embassy in Stockholm have prompted the police to cordon off the area.

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Swedish police have detained several individuals and cordoned off an area in Stockholm following reports of suspected gunshots.

The incident occurred near the Israeli embassy, leading to heightened security measures in the vicinity.

According to a statement on the police website, a patrol in Strandvagen, Stockholm, heard loud bangs that they suspected to be gunshots. The affected area extends between the capital’s Djurgarden Bridge, Nobel Park, and Oscar Church.

The police have launched an investigation into a serious weapons crime and have detained several people in connection with the incident.

"In connection with the ongoing forensic investigation, findings have been made that strengthen the suspicions that a shooting took place," the police statement read.

The investigation is ongoing, with police conducting forensic analysis in the area to gather more information. The authorities have not yet provided specific details about the number of detainees or their potential motives.

While the proximity to the Israeli embassy raises questions, Swedish news agency TT reported that police have declined to comment on any possible link between the incident and the embassy. was unable to reach the police or the Israeli embassy for immediate comments.

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