Teen boy drowns saving four young children from powerful currents – His family reveals his legacy

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Nov.20 - 2023 2:09 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com

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Bryce Brooks, a 16-year-old boy, tragically drowned while heroically saving four young children from powerful rip currents during a family vacation in Florida. The incident occurred on April 6 in an area with no lifeguards and moderate current warnings.

Bryce, from Atlanta, was with his family in Pensacola when he and his friends saw the children being pulled by the current. Without hesitation, he and two friends jumped in to help.

Bryce's father, Shivy Brooks, a teacher, recounted at a news conference that Bryce, caught in the currents himself, called for help, not for himself but for the young children he was trying to save.

Bryce was pulled under the water and later airlifted to a local hospital, along with a close family friend, Charles Johnson II, also known as "Uncle Chuck," who attempted to rescue Bryce. Unfortunately, Bryce succumbed to cardiac arrest.

Shivy shared the devastating news on social media, expressing his pride in his son's selfless act. He stated, "The selflessness that it takes for someone to make such a sacrifice, to do so at only the age of 16, we're so proud as parents how our son has shown up in this moment."

Bryce's mother, Crystal, echoed these sentiments, expressing pride in her son's sacrifice despite the immense pain of loss.

In the months following Bryce's death, Shivy Brooks' social media reflected his grief and pride, with posts about his son's heroism and the impact of his loss. "Uncle Chuck" Johnson, who also tried to save Bryce, was remembered as a selfless individual who looked after everyone.

To honor Bryce's legacy, the family established the Bryce Brooks Foundation. This charity is dedicated to promoting water safety and drowning prevention, offering free swimming lessons and scholarships for lifeguard certification. In July, the foundation awarded its first scholarships, with Johnson’s son among the recipients.

Shivy's recent posts on Instagram reflect the deep void left by Bryce's absence, emphasizing how Bryce was always his hero and how much he misses his son

See the Instagram post right here:

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