Teenager Arrested for Alleged Terrorist Plot at Paris Olympics

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.25 - 2024 10:48 AM CET

Photo: WIkimedia Commons
Photo: WIkimedia Commons
In France, a teenager has been detained on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack at the Olympics.

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French authorities have detained a 16-year-old teenager suspected of plotting a terrorist attack during the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Paris. The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor's Office is leading the investigation.

This information was reported by the French television channel BMFTV.

Details of the Arrest

The teenager was arrested after making statements on social media indicating that he intended to create an explosive belt and "die a martyr" during the Olympics.

The arrest took place at the teenager's parents' house, where law enforcement officials found a mobile phone and various records suggesting his commitment to the Islamic State. He is currently in police custody as investigators work to determine whether his plan was real and whether it could have been successfully implemented.

A source close to the investigation mentioned that the detained teenager had intended to carry out a terrorist attack at the Defense stadium, a key venue for the Olympics.

The General Directorate of Internal Security is overseeing the investigation to understand the seriousness of the threat and any potential links to terrorist organizations.

Concerns About Terrorism at the Olympics

This arrest comes amid heightened concerns about possible terrorist attacks during the Paris Olympics. The head of France's internal security service has expressed worries about threats to public safety during the games, especially during the opening ceremony.

To mitigate risks, France has taken extraordinary security measures, including involving military personnel from partner countries and screening up to a million people ahead of the Olympics, including athletes and residents living near key infrastructure facilities.

The authorities are committed to ensuring a safe environment for the event, which attracts participants and spectators from around the world.

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