Report confirms Russian soldiers raped Ukrainian women as young as 16

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.23 - 2023 10:50 AM CET

Portrait of Ukrainian girl / Photo: Shuttershock
Portrait of Ukrainian girl / Photo: Shuttershock
Russian forces engaged in rampant sexual violence, targeting women ranging from 19 to 83 years old, including a 16-year-old girl who was pregnant

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In a shocking disclosure, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine has unveiled a comprehensive report to the UN General Assembly, detailing extensive sexual violence perpetrated by the Russian military in the Ukrainian territories under their control.

The inquiry predominantly centered on the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts, exposing a gruesome pattern of savagery against vulnerable individuals.

The report chronicles incidents from March to July 2022, where the Russian forces engaged in rampant sexual violence, targeting women ranging from 19 to 83 years old, including a 16-year-old girl who was pregnant.

The majority of these victims were left in precarious situations, remaining in their villages to tend to elderly family members, individuals with disabilities, or safeguarding their properties.

The investigation reveals a litany of brutal attacks. Victims endured savage beatings, strangulation, and psychological torment. Many were assaulted within the sanctity of their homes, as Russian soldiers invaded their space, threatening them with weaponry or the lives of their relatives. Some victims experienced repeated violations by the same assailant, while others were subjected to collective sexual assault.

83-year-old woman assaulted and raped

In one disturbing account, an 83-year-old woman was assaulted by a Russian soldier who raped and battered her relentlessly for several hours, all while her disabled husband was forced to watch.

Another incident involved a married couple; the wife was violated while the husband was confined to another room. In a particularly barbaric episode, a 75-year-old woman faced an attack that left her strangled, cut with a sharp instrument, and violated multiple times, resulting in a multitude of severe injuries including broken ribs and lost teeth.

Post-assault, the report sheds light on the brutal repercussions faced by the victims and their families, with some facing lethal retaliation for reporting the atrocities.

In numerous instances, victims or their family members were executed by Russian soldiers as a direct consequence of their pursuit of justice.

The United Nations has called for immediate accountability and the pursuit of justice, underscoring the critical need to address these heinous human rights violations.

This report stands as a chilling testament to the severe impact of conflict on civilian lives, highlighting the crucial necessity for international intervention and support for the survivors.

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