That's a bummer for Russia: Ukraine destroys $15m air defense system

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.20 - 2023 12:16 PM CET

Photo: / Wikipedia Commons
Photo: / Wikipedia Commons
That's a bummer for Russia: Ukraine destroys $15m air defense system.

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In a significant development in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the Ukrainian military has reportedly destroyed a Russian Pantsir-S1 air defense system in the southern Kherson region.

This event is captured in new footage shared by Kyiv's military on Telegram and various open-source intelligence accounts. The Pantsir-S1, a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and missile system, is valued at around $15 million and is designed to counter aircraft, cruise missiles, and precision-guided munitions.

The destruction of the Pantsir system reportedly occurred near the village of Chaplynka in Kherson, a region annexed by Moscow in fall 2022. The Dnieper River, which runs through the region, currently marks the front lines after a Ukrainian counteroffensive pushed Russian troops east of the river. The Ukrainian General Staff has been approached for comment regarding this incident.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in the United States reports that Ukrainian forces are maintaining positions on the east bank of the Dnieper River and are conducting counter-battery fire and strikes behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry claims to have inflicted casualties on Ukrainian forces in the area.

This latest development comes as movement along the frontlines has largely stalled due to tough late fall conditions, with heavy rainfall expected to hinder operations until winter sets in fully.

According to the Dutch open-source intelligence outlet Oryx, Russia has lost at least 21 Pantsir-S1 systems in Ukraine since February 2022, although the actual number could be higher.

This incident underscores the ongoing intensity of the conflict in Ukraine and the significant losses being incurred on both sides. The destruction of the Pantsir-S1 system in Kherson highlights the strategic challenges faced by Russian forces and the resilience of Ukrainian military operations.

The video can be seen here on Telegram.