The Baltic Sea Washes Up Thousands of Mysterious Green Spheres: In Denmark They Call it Goat Balls

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.09 - 2024 8:57 AM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
The Baltic Sea Washes Up Thousands of Mysterious Green Spheres.

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The Baltic Sea recently washed ashore thousands of green spheres, which at first glance, might be mistaken for tennis balls. This phenomenon has baffled both local residents and researchers alike.

The green spheres were spotted on the beach of Orehoved on Denmark's Falster Island on Sunday, January 28th. While the sight astonished local inhabitants, researchers managed to clarify their origin, revealing the phenomenon is not harmful to humans.

In Denmark They Call It Goat Balls

Although these spheres closely resemble tennis balls, they are actually algae. "It's a strange sight. I've never seen anything like it," a meteorologist commented to the national broadcaster TV2.

A local resident described:

"They are very soft. If you take one in your hand, you can squeeze out water. They emit a wonderful sea scent."

"More Fertilizers Reach the Sea"

It turns out this phenomenon is not unique and has been observed over the Baltic Sea before. The mysterious spheres are algae known as Chaetomorpha Linum, in Denmark, they have a somewhat more curious name for them. In Danish, they are called "Gedeboller," which more or less can be translated to goat testicles. Why they have received this name is unknown.

This species grows particularly fast in nitrogen-rich water, explains marine biologist Finn Andersen on television:

"When it rains heavily, nearby fields are washed away by the rain, so more nitrogen-containing fertilizers reach the sea."

Researchers also explain the algae's atypical shape. According to them, these plants usually appear in the form of thick lines, but in this case, strong winds have shaped them into spheres.

Biologists emphasize that although the phenomenon may cause concern, it is not dangerous to humans. Moreover, the uniquely formed algae can be dried and used as home decorations.

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