The Battle for Avdiivka: Ukraine's Struggle to Maintain Control

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.14 - 2024 10:11 AM CET

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Ukraine's 110th Brigade stands firm in Avdiivka amidst escalating battles.

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Ukraine's defense of Avdiivka faces severe challenges as the 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade grapples with formidable obstacles. Ivan Sekach, the Chief of Public Relations for the brigade, offered insights into the critical situation and the arrival of reinforcements.

Hope for Reinforcements

"We lack the necessary capabilities to maintain control of the city, but reinforcements are on their way, and we are counting on support from friendly units. For the first time in nearly two years since the 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade began operations, some of our units have been completely pulled out of combat for rest and rotation. Indeed, reinforcements have arrived. I won't specify which unit, but it has provided significant support. We feel somewhat relieved since its arrival," Sekach stated.

The Battle Intensifies

Russian forces are aggressively pushing to take Avdiivka, aiming to cut off Ukrainian supply lines.

Their goal is to capture the city before Russia's presidential elections in March, leveraging superior air power and a large, expendable force to gain an advantage.

"They have air superiority, meaning we cannot preempt air raids or bombings of the city or our positions. They have a massive contingent of personnel that they view as relatively expendable, and are constantly experimenting with different groups and utilizing armored vehicles. They have a mission, and they are trying to accomplish it by any means necessary," Sekach reported.

A Continuing Struggle

Since October 2023, the intensity of Russian attacks on Avdiivka has escalated, with the city and Ukrainian positions facing relentless assaults from tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery.

This ongoing siege underscores the critical nature of the battle for Avdiivka, a pivotal point in the broader conflict.

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