The staggering number Zelensky doesn't want the world to know

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.21 - 2023 7:41 AM CET


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The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports an alarming trend: approximately 6,000 men of military age are leaving the country daily via the western border.

Colonel Ihor Matviychuk, Head of the Border Control Organization Department of the Western Regional Directorate, highlighted this issue, shedding light on various tactics used to evade border restrictions.

According to Suspilne's report, among those departing, 150-200 are volunteers registered under the "Shlyakh" system. However, the numbers of those returning to Ukraine remain unspecified.

The situation has raised concerns over the potential impact on Ukraine’s ability to sustain its military and civilian efforts amid ongoing conflict.

Matviychuk pointed out the increasing instances of men marrying mothers with multiple children as a strategy to cross the border.

Furthermore, there's a noticeable rise in men with disabilities or those accompanying them leaving the country. The current legislation lacks detailed control mechanisms over individuals assisting persons with disabilities, creating loopholes that are being exploited.

One particularly noteworthy case involved a man of military age changing his documents for gender reassignment – from Anton to Tonya – without actually undergoing a gender change. This incident underlines the creative yet questionable methods some are using to bypass military service obligations.

Matviychuk emphasized the need for improvements in the system, suggesting that the Ministry of Social Policy should address these issues.

He also noted the absence of legal penalties for such actions. A significant proportion of those leaving the country possess certificates deeming them unfit for military service, further complicating the situation.

This trend of mass departure poses critical challenges for Ukraine, not just in terms of border control but also in maintaining its defense capabilities. The government faces the dual task of tightening border controls to prevent evasion while ensuring legitimate cases of travel are not unfairly restricted.

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