The Ukrainian Hero's Brave 600 km Journey on Foot in Russia to Destroy 3 Bombers and His Ultimate Sacrifice

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.25 - 2024 7:58 PM CET

Photo: GUR
Photo: GUR
The Ukrainian Hero's Brave 600 km Journey on Foot in Russia to Destroy 3 Bombers and His Ultimate Sacrifice.

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Ukrainian Colonel Oleg Babii, posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, led an extraordinary mission deep into Russian territory. Covering over 600 kilometers on foot, Babii and his team infiltrated enemy lines to reach Solti airport, where they successfully destroyed three Russian TU-22M3 bombers. These bombers, capable of carrying nuclear missiles, were used by Russia to attack targets in Ukraine, often targeting civilians.

The mission, which is detailed by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense, took place in August 2023, was a turning point in the war, significantly disrupting Russian military plans and causing substantial economic losses and panic among the Russian forces and local population. It also dealt a blow to the perceived invincibility of the Russian army and its leadership.

Tragically, while returning to Ukrainian-controlled territory, Babii's team was ambushed. In a heroic act, Babii sacrificed his life to ensure the safe retreat of his comrades.

This ultimate sacrifice occurred on August 30, 2023, concluding a grueling return journey where the team had to evade Russian forces actively searching for them.

Photo: GUR

Babii's actions had a profound impact not only on the military front but also on a personal level.

His wife, Iulia Babii, learned of his death the day before their son's first day of school. Despite the immense loss, she found the strength to continue, honoring her husband's memory and commitment to their children's future in a peaceful, independent Ukraine.

Babii's story is not only a testament to his valor but also a symbol of the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people in their struggle for independence and sovereignty.

His legacy is now commemorated with a memorial plaque at his alma mater in Lviv, serving as an enduring reminder of his courage and the sacrifices made in the fight for freedom.