The World is shocked by Hamas' new weapon

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.10 - 2023 7:01 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
The World is shocked by Hamas' new weapon.

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A film released by Hamas has revealed a new weapon that has caught the world's attention. Named Mutabar-1, this air defense system has never been seen in public before.

Despite its seemingly rudimentary design, it has the potential to pose a significant threat.

While it's believed that Hamas prepared this weapon, there are speculations that external support may have played a role in its development.

The East, particularly Iran, is suspected to be involved, given that the country has previously supplied Hamas with anti-tank weapons.

Mutabar-1 is designed for very short-range attacks and is operated remotely from an improvised command post. The launcher can rotate 360 degrees and is equipped with missiles that have a fuse.

However, its exact range and accuracy remain unknown. Military experts suggest that it may be designed to target a specific area rather than a precise target.

Before the introduction of Mutabar-1, Hamas was known to possess Strela-2 sets, which are Russian-made, shoulder-launched missile systems dating back to 1968.

These older systems were designed to shoot down aerial targets and have been modernized over the years.

As the world focuses on Hamas' new weapon, Russia is seizing the opportunity to further its own agenda in the Middle East.

They are engaging in provocations against Ukraine and supplying Israel with weapons seized from Ukrainian soldiers, all while falsely claiming that Kiev is supporting Hamas.

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