There are calls for Australia and New Zealand to become one country

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.29 - 2023 7:52 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
There are calls for Australia and New Zealand to become one country.

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Jamie Strange, Labour’s outgoing Hamilton East MP, has expressed his support for the idea of Australia and New Zealand becoming a single country.

He believes that there would be significant economic benefits, including economies of scale in both the private and public sectors. Former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce also sees economic and military advantages to such a union.

A poll posted by 9News has shown that the public is divided on the issue. Some argue that the union would result in an "awesome rugby team," while others are concerned about the loss of individual national identities. Critics question the need for a merger, with one person stating,

"We don't even want Tasmania. What makes you think we want New Zealand?"

According to Jamie Strange, New Zealand could technically join Australia under the existing Australian constitution.

However, he also notes that integrating the Australian cricket team could be a challenge. Barnaby Joyce, who was revealed to be a Kiwi citizen in 2017, suggests that the two countries should have a single defense force and monetary policy.

The debate over whether Australia and New Zealand should unite has gained traction, with politicians and the public weighing in.

While some see economic and military benefits, others are concerned about the loss of national identity and practical challenges such as sports team integration.

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