This amazing $48 million home with an indoor pool just won't sell: You won't believe what it looks like inside

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.16 - 2023 7:29 PM CET

Photo: Sotheby's
Photo: Sotheby's
This amazing $48 million home with an indoor pool just won't sell.

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Despite its opulence and a price tag that once made it the most expensive home in the UK, Russian-born multimillionaire Aleksander Bronstein's villa in London has been on the market for years without finding a buyer.

According to The Telegraph, this unsold property is more than just a lavish home; it's a sign of changing times in the British luxury real estate market.

Photo: Sotheby's

Aleksander Bronstein, a reclusive tycoon with Estonian citizenship, made his fortune in metals and mining following the collapse of the USSR. His London villa, completed in the early 2000s but designed in the 90s, is nothing short of extravagant. It boasts a curved facade, an indoor pool, private tennis courts, a sauna, a gym, and a four-car garage. The property spans two acres and is located in an area where celebrities like Harry Styles, Kate Moss, and Jamie Oliver reside.

Originally listed for 40 million pounds($48 million), the villa's price was later reduced by 8 million pounds ($9.7 million) in an attempt to attract buyers. Despite these efforts and its consistent ranking among Rightmove's top 10 most viewed properties from 2020 to 2023, the home remains unsold.

The property's inability to find a buyer isn't just about its high cost or the specific tastes it caters to. According to "The Telegraph," the unsold villa reflects broader shifts in London's luxury real estate market. Much of the oligarch money that once fueled this market has vanished, particularly in the wake of the Ukraine conflict.

As "The Telegraph" aptly puts it, whoever eventually moves into this property in Heathfield Park will be far from ordinary, much like the villa itself. Yet, the lingering question remains: When will this extraordinary home find its equally extraordinary owner?

Have a look at the inside of this amazing 'Mansion' in the video below