EU-country and Ukraine discuss forming a new "coalition of drones"

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.13 - 2023 10:34 AM CET


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In a landmark development, Latvia and Ukraine have entered discussions on creating a "coalition of drones" during a meeting in Kyiv.

This move marks a significant step in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities through advanced technology.

Latvian Defense Minister Andris Spruds met with Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov to discuss the strategic initiative.

The talks centered around the importance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in modern warfare, with Umerov expressing his gratitude to Latvia for its ongoing military assistance and for initiating the concept of a coalition focused on UAVs.

Acknowledging the decisive role that drone capabilities play in contemporary conflict scenarios, Umerov emphasized that having an edge in this domain often determines success on the battlefield.

His Latvian counterpart, Spruds, echoed these sentiments, reinforcing Latvia's commitment to supporting Ukraine. Spruds highlighted the significance of developing technologies that not only enhance military effectiveness but also protect the lives of soldiers.

The discussions in Kyiv are set against the backdrop of broader efforts within the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine, notably the Ramstein format.

In this framework, allies have agreed to create specialized coalitions to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities in various spheres. This initiative closely follows the announcement by Great Britain and Norway of the Coalition of Maritime Capabilities, which aims to bolster Ukraine's naval strength.

The proposed "coalition of drones" is expected to substantially enhance Ukraine's aerial surveillance and combat capabilities. This strategic move underscores the increasing emphasis on advanced warfare technologies and the collaborative efforts among allies to support Ukraine amidst its ongoing conflict.