This move from Bulgaria will hurt Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.02 - 2023 11:23 AM CET

This move from Bulgaria will hurt Russia

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Bulgaria has announced that it will prohibit the entry of Russian cars into its territory by the end of the day on October 2. Anton Zlatanov, Director of the Bulgarian Border Police, confirmed the decision during an appearance on Bulgarian National TV according to European Pravda.

This move follows a similar ban that has been in effect for Russian trucks for several months. While Zlatanov did not specify the number of Russian cars that enter Bulgaria each month, he emphasized that the number is not significant.

The decision comes in the wake of clarifications from the European Commission on long-standing restrictions on the import and export of goods to or from Russia.

The European Commission specified that the ban also includes cars and some goods, regardless of whether they are personal belongings of travelers. This move aligns Bulgaria with other European countries like Poland, Finland, and Norway, as well as the Baltic States, which have also banned the entry of cars with Russian registration plates.

Implications for Russia

The ban on Russian cars entering Bulgaria is more than just a symbolic gesture. It aligns Bulgaria with a growing list of European countries that are tightening restrictions on Russian goods and vehicles.

This could potentially impact Russian citizens who frequently travel to or through Bulgaria, as well as any trade activities that involve the use of Russian-registered vehicles.

Bulgaria's decision is indicative of a broader European stance against Russia. It shows that European countries are increasingly willing to enforce sanctions and restrictions that directly impact Russian citizens and businesses. This could serve as a deterrent for Russia in its ongoing geopolitical maneuvers.

It remains to be seen how Russia will respond to this latest move by Bulgaria. Given the increasing number of European countries implementing similar bans, Russia may find itself increasingly isolated, not just politically but also in terms of mobility and trade.

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