Three Russian Anti-Corruption Officers Arrested for $55 Million Bribes

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.08 - 2024 12:12 PM CET

Three Russian Anti-Corruption Officers Arrested for $55 Million Bribes.

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Three officers from the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia, specifically from its anti-corruption unit, have been detained under accusations of receiving bribes exceeding 5 billion rubles ($55.2 million). This information comes from a report by the state-operated TASS news agency, which cited a confidential source within law enforcement.

The arrested officers, identified as Alexei Tsaryov, Sergei Manyshkin, and Alexander Ushakov, belonged to the FSB's Directorate M. They reportedly faced charges related to a series of crimes. "They are accused of a series of crimes, including attempted bribes totaling more than 5 billion rubles," the unnamed source informed TASS.

Russia's Investigative Committee, known for handling significant criminal investigations, has taken the lead in probing this high-profile case. However, TASS did not clarify the details regarding the origin of these bribes or the specific timeframe of the alleged offenses.

An intriguing turn in the investigation was noted, as Tsaryov and Manyshkin purportedly entered plea bargains. Following their testimonies against other colleagues, they were placed under house arrest.

In contrast, Ushakov faces more severe allegations, including the formation of a criminal group. This additional charge could lead to a maximum prison sentence of 20 years, as per TASS's report.

As of now, the FSB has maintained silence and not issued any public statements concerning the arrests of these agents.

TASS further reported that Directorate M of the FSB, established between 1999-2000, is tasked with counterintelligence activities. It also focuses on combating corruption within various Russian state entities, including law enforcement, the judicial system, and emergency services. This scandal marks a significant blow to an agency that is fundamentally responsible for upholding law and order within these sectors.

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