Too hot to handle: iPhone 15 users struggle to hold overheating device after phone call

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.26 - 2023 9:54 AM CET

iPhone 15 users struggle to hold overheating device.

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Apple's latest offering, the iPhone 15, is under scrutiny for an issue that's making it literally too hot to handle. Just days after its release, users and tech experts are flagging a significant overheating problem, claiming that the device becomes so warm that it's difficult to hold.

Canadian tech content creator RJey and other users have taken to social media platforms to voice their concerns.

RJey stated that the iPhone 15 Pro Max becomes unbearably hot when used without a case. Other users echoed this sentiment, with one saying, "Heat issues horrible, this is not what I was expecting."

While the iPhone 15 was touted for its groundbreaking A17 Pro System-on-Chip (SoC), it appears that this feature may be the culprit behind the overheating.

Chinese tech reviewer Geekerwan conducted tests that showed the chip reaching temperatures as high as 48°C during high-intensity tasks like gaming.

Photo: Twitter

Acknowledging the issue

Apple has not turned a blind eye to the problem. Company president Tim Millet acknowledged the overheating concerns but assured that safety measures are in place to prevent any harm.

However, this assurance has done little to quell the growing concerns among users.

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