Tragedy at Finnish School Results in Casualty: 12-Year-Old Suspected

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.02 - 2024 2:09 PM CET

Photo: Ilta-Sanomat video
Photo: Ilta-Sanomat video
According to the latest police reports, the tragic incident school shooting in Vantaa has resulted in the death of one student.

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In a tragic incident at a Finnish school in Vantaa on Tuesday, one student lost their life, while two others were injured in a school shooting. The incident was reported to the authorities at precisely 8:08 AM local time, triggering an immediate and heavy police presence. The Finnish police recently held a press conference where updates on the situation were disclosed, as reported by the Finnish media YLE.

A Nation in Mourning

"I am shocked by the events in Vantaa," writes Alexander Stubb, the President of Finland, on the social media platform X.

"I offer my deepest condolences to the family of the deceased schoolboy. I wish strength for recovery to the injured. All the students and staff of the school are in my thoughts."

Special Circumstances for the Young Perpetrator

The perpetrator, a 12-year-old boy, is suspected of shooting his classmates with a pistol allegedly obtained from a close family member.

At the press conference, the police stated that the 12-year-old suspected perpetrator, the deceased, and the two injured were all attending the same class. As reported by the Finnish news agency Ilta-Sanomat, the shooting took place inside the school, in the classroom.

Investigation leader Marko Särkkä announced that the 12-year-old suspect will not be jailed due to his young age. Instead, he will be handed over to social services, which will take care of him and investigate the circumstances surrounding his actions.

According to criminal commissioner Kimmo Hyvärinen, there has been a large-scale police operation in the aftermath of the shooting, with five investigative leaders appointed to the task. Finnish legal practice, which does not allow for criminal responsibility for children under 15 years of age, means that the focus is on investigation and support rather than punishment.

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