Tragedy in El Arenal: Popular Beach Club Collapses, Killing Four

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.24 - 2024 10:11 AM CET

Photo: Associated Press on YouTube
Photo: Associated Press on YouTube
A tragic accident struck El Arenal on Mallorca Thursday evening as the popular Medusa Beach Club collapsed.

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On Thursday evening, a tragedy occurred in El Arenal, Mallorca. At around 8 p.m., the “Medusa Beach Club” near Balneario 1 collapsed.

According to reports in Bild, four people lost their lives, including a club employee and three women. Additionally, 16 people were injured, seven of whom were in critical condition. The cause of the collapse appeared to be that the terrace exceeded its load-bearing capacity, according to the Palma fire department.

Emergency services were on site in large numbers and had cordoned off a large area around the site. All available ambulances were called to the scene to treat the injured.

Rescue efforts proved difficult because parts of the two-story building had collapsed onto the terrace below. Up to ten people could still have been buried under the rubble. Neighbors reported hearing screams from trapped people who had to be treated in the middle of the street.

The police and fire department worked hard to rescue further victims and ensure the safety of the adjacent buildings. As darkness fell, floodlights were set up so that rescue operations could continue.

Holidaymakers, reported dramatic scenes at the site of the accident.

The Medusa Beach Club was very popular with tourists, which made the tragedy all the more shocking.

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