Troubling incidents in Berlin: Homes singled out with Star of David markings

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.16 - 2023 7:09 PM CET

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Homes singled out with Star of David markings.

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In a deeply unsettling development, the Star of David has been appearing on the doors of homes and buildings in Berlin, marking residences where Jewish families live.

This act, reminiscent of the dark days of World War II and the Holocaust, has been attributed to individuals supporting the Palestinian group Hamas. The Berlin police have responded to these incidents and are actively seeking the perpetrators.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long had repercussions beyond the Middle East, but recent events indicate a disturbing trend in Europe. Cities across the continent have witnessed demonstrations in support of Hamas, some of which have escalated into clashes with the police.

According to Croatian media, Anna Staroselskaya, president of the German Union of Jewish Students (JSUD), shared the first photo highlighting the appearance of the Star of David on homes in Berlin. The Star of David was a symbol that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust to distinguish them from the rest of the population, making them easy targets for isolation and punishment.

Berlin police have urged the local community to join the fight against this alarming practice. They are encouraging residents to remove the stars from building facades and doors themselves while they continue to search for those responsible.

The troubling acts are not limited to Berlin. Anton Geraschenko, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, shared a second photo on Twitter showing a woman drawing the Star of David on a Jewish restaurant in Moscow. This suggests that the hateful acts are spreading to other parts of the world, raising concerns about a resurgence of anti-Semitic behavior.

Watch the pictures from Anton Gerashchenko below

Authorities are on high alert as they work to put an end to these acts and bring the perpetrators to justice. The incidents serve as a grim reminder that the echoes of historical atrocities still reverberate today, necessitating vigilance and unity in the fight against hate.