Trump Abruptly Exits Courtroom

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.26 - 2024 6:44 PM CET

Trump Abruptly Exits Courtroom.

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump made a sudden departure from a courtroom on Friday during his defamation case. The trial revolves around whether Trump should compensate Jean Carroll, who accused him in 2019 of sexual assault, a claim he denied.

According to Sky News, the dramatic exit occurred towards the end of the court session, as Trump apparently chose not to listen further.

The Focus of the Trial The lawsuit is not about proving Trump's guilt in sexual abuse or defamation, but rather about determining the compensation owed to Jean Carroll. Last year, it was established in court that Trump was responsible for both the sexual abuse of Carroll and subsequent defamation when she came forward with her allegations.

Trump had accused Carroll of fabricating the story to boost sales of her memoir.

The Compensation Amount Carroll is seeking at least $24 million in damages from Trump for his 2019 denial of the rape allegation.

The moment that triggered Trump's early exit was reportedly when Carroll's lawyer addressed the jury, arguing that they should penalize Trump for repeatedly lying about her client and tarnishing her reputation as a journalist.

Impending Verdict

Sky News reports that the trial could potentially reach a verdict as early as Friday.

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