Trump appreciates Putin's endorsement of his Ukraine peace plan

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.16 - 2023 8:47 PM CET

Trump appreciates Putin's endorsement of his Ukraine peace plan

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In a recent interview with NBC News, former U.S. President Donald Trump expressed his satisfaction with Russian President Vladimir Putin's endorsement of his plan to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict within a day.

Trump emphasized that if re-elected, he would bring the war to an end within 24 hours, although he refrained from disclosing specific details.

"If I tell you exactly, I lose all my bargaining chips," Trump said.

Last week, Putin spoke at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, where he acknowledged Trump's intentions to resolve the conflict swiftly. "We cannot help but feel happy about it," Putin remarked.

Trump was pleased with Putin's comments, stating, "I like that he said that. Because that means what I'm saying is right."

The Proposed Peace Deal

Trump did not elaborate on the specifics of the peace deal he envisions but mentioned that it would involve getting both Putin and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy into a room to work out an agreement.

He assured that the deal would be "a fair deal for everybody," without specifying whether it would maintain Ukraine's territorial integrity.

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