Trump Camp Labels Adam Kinzinger an 'Unemployed Fraud' Who 'Farted on Live TV'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.22 - 2023 11:57 AM CET

Photo: Youtube / Wiki Commons
Photo: Youtube / Wiki Commons
Trump Camp Reacts to Smell Claim.

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Former Representative Adam Kinzinger's comments about former President Donald Trump's alleged odor have sparked a response from Trump's team.

Kinzinger, known for his critical stance against Trump, made a statement suggesting that Trump has a noticeable smell, which he shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

Trump's team responded to Kinzinger's claim, dismissing it and attacking Kinzinger's credibility. A spokesperson for Trump, in a statement to The Independent, referred to Kinzinger as an "unemployed fraud" who "farted on live TV."

They accused Kinzinger of disgracing his country and disrespecting those around him due to his own personal dissatisfaction with how his life turned out.

The specific incident of Kinzinger allegedly farting on live TV was not clarified by Trump's spokesperson.

Kinzinger, who retired from Congress this year, has since joined CNN as a senior political commentator. He was notably one of two Republicans on the January 6 committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

On Twitter, people have reacted to Kinzinger's tweet with other bizarre accusations about what Trump supposedly smells like.

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