Trump drops lawsuit

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.06 - 2023 8:48 AM CET

Trump drops lawsuit.

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In a last-minute decision, Donald Trump has dropped a lawsuit against his former attorney, Michael Cohen. The move comes just days before the former president was scheduled to be deposed in the case on Monday.

According to Reuters, Trump had initially sought $500 million, approximately 3.5 billion Danish kroner, from Cohen for breaching attorney-client confidentiality.

The lawsuit was filed back in April, shortly after Michael Cohen released a book and participated in multiple interviews discussing his former employer.

The lawsuit also followed Cohen's testimony in the case concerning so-called "hush money," where Trump is suspected of paying adult film star Stormy Daniels a substantial sum to keep quiet about their relationship. The money was allegedly transferred by Michael Cohen.

Cohen's Response

Michael Cohen has commented on the lawsuit, stating that it was "nothing more than intimidation and retaliation."

He is also expected to testify later this month in an ongoing case in New York, where Donald Trump is accused of inflating his assets to gain tax advantages.

With this latest development, no further action will be taken in the lawsuit.

The case has been closely watched by American media outlets and news agencies, who reported the update based on information in court documents released on Thursday.

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