Trump Knows Who Will Be His Vice President If Elected

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.11 - 2024 9:29 PM CET

Trump Knows Who Will Be His Vice President If Elected.

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Tucker Carlson or Nikki Haley. Or perhaps a completely different choice?

The speculation about who might potentially run as Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate has already begun, even though the former president has not yet defeated his rivals in the Republican primary.

However, Trump remains the heavy favorite in this game, having seen another one of his competitors withdraw from the race on Thursday night.

He Knows

Should the 77-year-old Trump succeed in becoming the Republican presidential nominee and then defeat Joe Biden in the November election, he already knows who he wants as his vice president.

This was revealed on Wednesday evening local time during a voter meeting in the state of Iowa, as reported by Norway's Dagbladet:

"I can't tell you who it will be, but I know who it will be," was Trump's direct response when asked.

Trump also confirmed that a potential vice president could very well be one of the current opponents he is battling to become the Republican presidential candidate.

"Yes, of course," Trump answered.

This keeps the door wide open for one of the top favorites for the position, Nikki Haley.

Popular TV Host in the Running

However, Nikki Haley could face stiff competition from Tucker Carlson.

Trump has previously mentioned considering Tucker Carlson as his vice-presidential candidate, and this theory has gained much traction in recent months.

Since his departure from Fox News, Tucker Carlson has reinvented himself on the social media platform X, embarking on a sort of Trumpist world tour with interviews including Argentina's Javier Milei, Hungary's Viktor Orbán, and Spain's Santiago Abascal.

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