Turkish leader Erdogan with shocking statement on Putin

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.19 - 2023 3:24 PM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
According to Erdogan 'Vladimir Putin is in favor of ending the war'.

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In a recent interview with PBS, Turkish President Recep Erdogan made some startling remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Erdogan stated, "Vladimir Putin is in favor of ending the war in Ukraine as soon as possible," adding that Moscow is as trustworthy as the West.

During the interview, Erdogan discussed the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine and how it has impacted relations between the West and Moscow.

"We would very much like to hope that the war will end as soon as possible. Putin also actually supports ending this war as soon as possible," Erdogan said according to wp.pl.

The Turkish president also expressed his willingness to collaborate closely with the Kremlin if it benefits Turkey.

"There is no reason not to trust them (Russia). Russia is as credible as the West. We have been waiting at the door of the European Union for the last half a century. And now I trust Russia as much as I trust the West," he emphasized.

When questioned about the reliability of Putin, especially considering the dictator's breach of the grain agreement, Erdogan responded by highlighting Turkey's economic ties with Russia.

"Half of natural gas supplies come from Russia, which means that we are in solidarity. We move forward together and cooperate in the defense industry," he said.

Erdogan's comments have raised eyebrows, as they come at a time when the international community is grappling with the complexities of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the geopolitical ramifications it holds.