TV reporter falls due to strong gusts on live TV

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.02 - 2023 12:06 PM CET

Photo: Twitter/Sky News
Photo: Twitter/Sky News
TV reporter falls due to strong gusts on live TV.

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During a live broadcast, Sky News correspondent Ashna Hurynag experienced a fall due to strong gusts of wind while reporting on Storm Ciarán in St Helier, Jersey.

The storm, which brought winds of up to 110mph, heavy rainfall, and large waves, has been causing havoc across Britain.

In the midst of her report, Hurynag fell off the curb she was standing on, momentarily disappearing from the screen.

She quickly recovered, apologizing and continuing with her report.

The video of the incident was shared on Sky News' official Twitter page, where viewers expressed their concern for Hurynag's well-being.

The storm has prompted officials to issue 'danger to life' wind warnings and advise residents to stay indoors as much as possible.

The episode by Sky News can be watched below

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