U.S. Announces $1.5 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.15 - 2024 4:35 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
The aid package includes $379 million in humanitarian assistance.

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Boosting Ukraine's Energy Sector

Vice President Kamala Harris has announced a significant aid package of over $1.5 billion to support Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict with Russia.

This includes $824 million to repair and enhance Ukraine's energy infrastructure, aimed at addressing recent damages and fortifying against future disruptions.

The funding, facilitated through USAID and the State Department, will expand power generation capabilities, encourage private sector investment, and improve resilience to energy supply interruptions caused by Russian attacks.

Addressing Humanitarian Needs

In addition to energy support, the aid package includes $379 million in humanitarian assistance.

This funding will provide critical aid such as food, health services, shelter, and sanitation to millions of Ukrainians affected by the conflict, both internally displaced and in neighboring countries.

The support also includes measures to protect vulnerable populations, offering psychosocial support and livelihood assistance to help families recover and rebuild amid the ongoing crisis.

Strengthening Civilian Security

To bolster civilian security, the U.S. plans to allocate an additional $300 million in civilian security assistance.

This funding will equip Ukrainian border guards and law enforcement with essential equipment to operate safely and effectively in defending Ukraine's borders and infrastructure.

The support aims to mitigate the impact of attacks on civilians and investigate reported war crimes, underlining America's commitment to supporting Ukraine's sovereignty and security in the face of external aggression.