U.S. Mocks Putin's Re-Election Plans Amid Ongoing Ukraine Crisis

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.10 - 2023 7:40 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com

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The White House has responded with skepticism to Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent announcement of running for re-election in 2024.

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby, speaking aboard Air Force One, sarcastically commented on Putin's bid, implying a foregone conclusion in the Russian electoral process. "Well, that's going to be one humdinger of a horse race, isn't it?" Kirby remarked, underscoring the lack of genuine political competition in Russia.

Putin, 71, has been at Russia's helm since the year 2000, having won four presidential elections and briefly serving as Prime Minister. His tenure has seen a steady erosion of opposition forces, rendering them nearly non-existent and casting doubt on the electoral process's fairness.

The statement from the White House comes amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Russia over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. U.S. President Joe Biden, 81, facing his own re-election challenges next year, has been vocal in his stance against Putin's military aggression.

Biden has been actively pushing Congress to approve additional military aid for Ukraine, emphasizing the need to thwart Putin's expansionist ambitions. He cautioned that Putin's aggression might not stop at Ukraine and could potentially extend to a NATO country.

Kirby's remarks reflect a broader U.S. sentiment about the Russian political system under Putin, often criticized for its authoritarian tendencies and suppression of political dissent. As the world watches Putin's next move, the U.S. continues to stand firm in its support for Ukraine and its commitment to maintaining geopolitical stability in the region.