U.S.: Peace Talks Between Russia and Ukraine Would Be 'Pointless' at the Moment

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.28 - 2023 2:48 PM CET

Photo: President's Office
Photo: President's Office
According to The U.S, peace talks between Russia and Ukraine would be 'Pointless' at the moment.

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The United States has declared it "meaningless" for Ukraine to start peace talks with Russia at this time.

This statement was made by James O'Brien, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, as reported by "DS".

"The reality is that we see no signs that Russia is ready to engage in real, substantive peace negotiations. President Putin seems to suggest that he will wait at least a year or more before considering ending this conflict. Therefore, from the Ukrainian side, such negotiations are currently meaningless. It would not be a dialogue, but a monologue about capitulation," said O'Brien.

However, the US does not make decisions regarding Ukraine without Kiev and does not pressure it into negotiations, he added.

Recently, David Arakhamia, the head of President Zelensky’s parliamentary faction and chief negotiator at the Istanbul peace talks, stated that the war between Russia and Ukraine could have been concluded within a few months.

According to him, the nature of the negotiations changed when the then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intervened. You can read more about this below, where you will also find information about Russia demanding a response from the United Kingdom regarding this matter.

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